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We have fun. But don’t be fooled; We’re focused on becoming the most profitable concept of our kind. Ever.
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Investment Breakdown

The initial investment range for a Cheba Hut ranges between $404,500 – $687,500 which is considerably lower than what many of those other Franchises want for a basic, cookie-cutter restaurant. The range is determined by the type and condition of the real estate and the particular market you are in.

Start-up costs include line items like leasehold improvements, equipment, furniture, inventory/supplies, grand opening marketing, and three months of initial working capital. A competitive benefit for Cheba Hut is our simple operational concept; our stores have no complicated and expensive hoods or grills; to produce the best damn sandwich you’ve ever had, our Franchise Owners only need the Cheba toaster. Due to the flexible smaller formats, build-outs will be cheaper than the often complex restaurant build-out.

Initial Franchise Fee$99K$99K
Recon Assistance Fee$15K$15K
Leasehold Improvements$200K$365K
Furniture Fixtures$75K$125K
POS System & Computers$8.5K$10K
Opening Team Expenses$0$3K
Training Expenses$2.5K$7.5K
Architect & Engineering Fees$6K$12K
Master Architect Fee$4K$4K
Site Survey Fee$1.5K$3.5K
Restaurant Lease - 3 Months$9K$18K
Grand Opening$2.5K$4K
Additional Funds - 3 Months$30K$60K

How Much Can I Make?

Here’s a sneak peak of what the FDD will show you:








From day one, we have been focused on creating an environment in our stores that is relaxing, fun and genuine. While the cannabis theme is a hit, we are perhaps best known for the selection of tunes bumping in our Huts each day. We spend a good deal of time working with each sub shop Franchise Owner to ensure our newest Hut embodies the Cheba eclectic atmosphere.

No two Cheba Huts look the same. Unlike almost every other franchise out there, we don’t believe in the cookie-cutter store mentality. Rather, we focus on creating a Hut that celebrates each individual community. Each Franchise Owner works with a local artist to design a mural that reflects both them, and their community.

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We offer two different store models; 1,750-2,000 square feet, and 2,400- 2,600 square feet. Both thrive in strip malls but the larger buildout can also be successful in a stand-alone building. Outdoor patios that range from 400-600 square feet are typically required and a parking lot is preferred.
“There are much shittier ways to make a living than to own a Cheba Hut! In all seriousness, I never thought it would be this profitable. It is without a doubt the best decision I’ve ever made.”

– Seth Larsen
Denver, CO

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