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From the the start, Scott Jennings had an original concept and a strong following.
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Top Notch Toasted Subs

Cheba Hut is different from every other franchise that exists. Since 1998, we have broken the mold of mundane fast-casual concepts and set ourselves apart by becoming the first cannabis-themed “joint”, (pun intended). We are dedicated to combining homegrown recipes with a chill, eclectic environment where real food is served by genuine people.

Sub Shop Franchises

Over the past 20 years, our sub franchise has seen steady growth and today our Huts can be found in over 25 locations, across 7 states. We are proud to have created more than just a place people want to hang out at; we have turned our customers into raving, loyal fans, and we have the numbers to prove it. Our unit economics of industry-leading!

Cheba Hut’s Story

As a lifelong “foodie”, Scott Jennings worked at quite a few different restaurants during his college years and decided it was an industry he wanted to grow into, but with one condition; he had to seriously shake things up.  In one particular job as a delivery driver, Scott noticed a severely underserved market for late night deliveries. After coming to the realization that most college students liked to get high, he figured, why not create a cannabis-themed sub shop?! And so in 1998, Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs was born.

Best Sub Franchise
Scott had three goals when he decided to open his first restaurant after graduating from Arizona State University 25 years ago.

First, he wanted a place that served a sandwich that was better than anything on the fast-casual market. Second, he wanted a unique and fun theme that embraced the counterculture.

Finally, he wanted to create an environment where everyone truly felt welcome and got to experience a genuine and authentic level of care in customer service; something that most people would rarely receive in the fast-casual world.

“We believe in engaging the customer and just having a fun place to escape the establishment.”

– Scott Jennings
Cheba Hut

How Are We Different?

The answer is in every way!  Our unique sub franchises focus on serving the best damn sub you’ve ever had, employing the most genuine staff, and creating the most fun and relaxing atmosphere, we believe we are much different (and better!) than the average food joint. Here’s the specifics of what has made our sub sandwich franchise shine above the rest:

Sandwich Franchises


With all proprietary recipes, we take pride in skipping shortcuts. We offer toasted subs, homemade munchies and cotton mouth cures like Kool-Aid and local beer. Our proprietary Parisian bread is hand-rolled, hand-scored, and baked by a baker with over 50 years experience. Once all of our premium ingredients are assembled, we run each masterpiece through a toaster melting everything together to achieve the perfect toasted sub. We then “Load Up” each one with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, house dressing, parmesan and oregano.

Sandwich Shop Franchise


Cheba Hut is a fun and distinct cannabis-themed eatery. By using puns, innuendos, and eclectic decorations we have created a business that is truly unique within the fast-casual space. This theme has worked for the past 20 years, but with the legalization of cannabis sweeping the country, our sub sandwich franchise has become even more on-trend than we ever thought possible.

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