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The days of Subway are long over.
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The days of Subway are long over. As the $52 billion fast casual industry continues to grow, consumers are turning away from low quality options. Cheba Hut sub franchises have entered the fast casual scene in a big way. With fresh ingredients, toasted subs, in-house baked bread and homemade sauces, our subs are a step above the rest and consumers are taking notice.

With the recent rise of consumer concern over ingredients and healthy food options, Cheba Hut stands apart from the notoriously unhealthy fast food chains.

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We use only premium meats in our sandwiches and there are plenty of veggie choices. The sad, low quality competitors like Jimmy John’s and Subway are more focused on generating sales than creating a quality, wholesome meal. Customers who eat at Cheba Hut know that they can satisfy their body, tastebuds, and wallet with our menu. As the best sub franchise in the industry, we work hard to offer a quality product to our customers. In addition to a killer menu, we also offer the most unique environment in a sub shop franchise.

Why Cheba?

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Want to own a profitable and proven sub sandwich franchise business, but don’t want to be another cog in “The Man’s” system? Take our proven model, but keep your individuality. Be great, but have fun and do it your way.

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We don’t do cookie-cutter stores here at Cheba Hut. We embrace our community by celebrating what is unique and special about each market we open in. Our “Secret Stash” menu (Sandwiches unique to each market), and local beers help reinforce this.

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Our average Hut generates $1.3 million in revenue – about twice that of your typical sandwich franchise. And with average sales growth rate of over 13%, you can start to see why Cheba Hut is the real deal.

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We got street cred! With our following of over 45,000 on social media, and hundreds of 5 star Yelp and Google reviews, all new Cheba Owners open their doors with an already killer reputation in the sub sandwich franchise industry.

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Most restaurants are really hard work. This is probably why the average Franchise Owner in this industry doesn’t get to have a whole lot of fun. At Cheba Hut, however, we’ve simplified the heck out of our operation, so that our Owners can enjoy running their business. 

How We Stand Out Among Sub Shop Franchises

How do we stand out from the crowd? You may think there’s nothing too special about any sandwich franchise, but a trip to Cheba Hut is guaranteed to change your mind. Where most other sub franchises offer their sad menu in a dingy restaurant with zero atmosphere, Cheba Hut is a happening place. At any local Cheba Hut, customers are delighted to find:

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A Full Bar

As one of the only sandwich franchises to offer a full bar, Cheba Hut has local beers on tap and a full cocktail menu. Customers love that they can come to Cheba Hut to get a great meal, have some drinks, and hang out with friends or family. We love to have fun while we eat.

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Local Art

Each and every Cheba Hut location is influenced by the creative and unique style of the community around it. You’ll find local paintings and murals featured in every location – quite a difference from the typical bleak and boring sub shop restaurant!

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Live Music

Another way we like to treat our guests is with live music on select nights throughout the week! Each Cheba Hut locations has its own entertainment schedule, but live music is definitely not something you can expect at Subway or Jimmy John’s.

Join the Best Sub Franchise Today

If you’re interested in investing in a sub shop franchise, there is no question as to who is the best. Cheba Hut offers all this fun, unique, and deliciousness for a fraction of what the boring, bland, and lame competitors charge. For just a simple investment of $463,500 to $746,500, you can join the highly successful and supremely cool Cheba Hut team. To learn more about the best sub franchise out there, contact us today.

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