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From the the start, Scott Jennings had an original concept and a strong following.
Cheba Hut

Different Kind of Franchise

Cheba Hut is a different kind of sub franchise than what is commonly found in the industry today. We have successfully broken the mold of fast casual concepts and set ourselves apart with our excellent growth, industry leading economics and loyal, raving fans. Don’t be just a cog in “The Man’s system,” but rather take control of your future and become a franchise owner with Cheba Hut. With more than 20 years of steady growth and Huts in more than 20 locations across 7 states, the time has never been better to become your own boss by joining Cheba Hut.

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Who We Look For

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You will need to be a fun-loving, people person, who can enjoy interacting with your employees and customers, as well as the wider community of Cheba Entrepreneurs.

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Don’t get it twisted – we are all driven to be the best! While we like to have fun, we take pride in our industry-leading economics. You too should want to create extremely profitable, successful locations.

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We seek out individuals who are excited by the idea of engaging with their local communities and having fun with them. Each year, we require Franchise Owners to throw a party to their community. Good music, booze and good times are the gift you must give back.

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Having restaurant experience is considered an advantage in our evaluation process, but it’s not essential. You should however, have a strong business background, be a “people person” and have a desire to scale into multiple stores.

Become your own Boss

If you’re tired of taking orders from someone else or of the daily corporate grind, consider becoming your own boss through owning a sub franchise with Cheba Hut. Owning your own business can be beneficial for many reasons. You’ll be able to make your own decisions, set your own hours, hire your own staff while doing what you love. When you choose to go into business for yourself you are choosing to invest in yourself and in your future.

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When you choose to go into business with a sub franchise like Cheba Hut, you’re investing in a business with years of industry leading economics and even more years of experience. We have carefully crafted a unique business model provided all our franchise owners to give them the knowledge and expertise needed to be successful. You’ll also be supported by our corporate staff from the beginning to help you with getting your business up and running. Going into business for yourself can be an intimidating thing, but with Cheba Hut there’s no need to worry.

Street Cred

If you’re considering our sandwich franchise opportunities, you should know that over the last 20 years, we have learned how to not only build a large following of customers, but we have also learned how to turn them into brand loyalists.

We believe a reputation is earned by street level cred and word of mouth (neither of these can be faked). This probably just sounds like marketing bullshit to you guys, but we think that there are two things that prove that Cheba is the real-deal: First, our unit economics are truly incredible (click on the NUMBERS page to learn more about this). Second, our online reviews and reputation can’t be manufactured. Check us out on social media or anywhere online and you’ll start to get a feel for the Cheba movement:

“If you drove past a field of a thousand cows and saw one purple cow, you’d never forget that. Cheba Hut is a purple cow.”

– Ryan Snyder

Successful Business

Owning your own sub franchise restaurant can be really hard work, but when you choose to join Cheba Hut you can enjoy running your business while experiencing great success. We are constantly on the lookout for motivated individuals who are excited about growing their own franchise into a successful business. Embrace your individuality, and those of your future customers. Enjoy a culture of freedom without the typical “rules” associated with successful businesses. If you’re ready to take control of your future by opening your own sub franchise and working for yourself, give Cheba Hut a call.

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