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A place where people can hang out

Cheba Hut is different from every other franchise that exists. Since 1998, we have broken the mold of mundane fast-casual concepts and set ourselves apart by becoming the first cannabis-themed “joint”, (pun intended). Over the past 20 years, our sub sandwich franchise has seen steady growth and today our Huts can be found in over 20 locations, across 7 states.

We are proud to have created more than just a place people want to hang out at; we have turned our customers into raving, loyal fans, and we have the numbers to prove it. Our unit economics are industry-leading!

If you’re considering joining the Cheba family, you might be wondering what the cost is to open one of our sub sandwich franchise locations.

Initial Investment

Unlike other fast casual concepts, there are no expensive grills or hoods to install, just our signature toaster. Our simplified concept makes building out your new restaurant locations much more cost effective than other Fast Casual restaurants in the industry. To open a basic cookie cutter restaurant with other Fast Casual concepts will typically cost between $500,000 to $1 million, with Cheba Hut your initial investment will be considerably lower, typically between $336,000 – $678,000. The range is determined by the type and condition of the real estate and the particular market you are in. Included in that initial investment is the Franchise Fee set at $40,000 for a single unit. However, we also offer discounted three-unit franchise fees to select candidates. With a much lower initial investment, Cheba Hut Franchise Owners are able to build out and open multiple profitable locations in a fraction of the time it would take to grow other fast casual concepts.

Sub Franchise

Start-up Costs

Start-up costs include line items like leasehold improvements, equipment, furniture, inventory/supplies, grand opening marketing, and three months of initial working capital. A competitive benefit for Cheba Hut is our simple operational concept; our stores have no complicated and expensive hoods or grills; to produce the best damn sandwich you’ve ever had, our Franchise Owners only need the Cheba toaster. Due to the flexible smaller formats, build-outs will be cheaper than the often complex restaurant build-out.

Get Started

Over the last 20 years, we’ve learned not only how to fill restaurants with new customers, but how to get them to become brand loyalists. Our goal is to help you achieve this same type of following from the moment you open your Hut doors.

At first glance you might look at the Cheba Hut model and think, “that can’t be very successful.” Want to know our little secret? Our restaurants have better unit economics than many of the national fast-casuals out there! We have average store sales of over $1.25 million which are growing by an average of 15% each year. It’s not hard to see we are the real deal by comparing us with the restaurant average of 1.5%-2%!

With a growing market, a proven business model, and an affordable initial investment, there has never been a better sub sandwich franchise opportunity on the market than owning your own Cheba Hut. Fill out the form below to find out more about how much Cheba Hut Franchise Owners make and how to get started with your own successful franchise!

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