Mark it on your calendars, Atlanta, Georgia: By fall 2019, your new favorite hangout spots will finally be open! Our toasted sub concept, Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs (go figure!) will be serving Midtown, West Midtown, Reynoldstown, Summerhill, Edgewood, O4W, Georgia Tech, and the Georgia State areas. And it’s going to be a thing of Beatty – Hospitality veteran, Justin Beatty, to be exact! Beatty was recruited by his friend and Atlanta-based entertainment lawyer, Josh Burdick, are excited about bringing chill vibes and delicious dishes to the area and continuing to build a strong, passionate fanbase that will now stretch coast-to-coast.

Josh actually approached Justin about the prospect of signing on with Cheba Hut, showed Justin the numbers and told him to “talk me out of this.” After reviewing the investment level and everything else, Justin replied, “I don’t think I can.”

toasted sub concept

When asked if he would have signed on with another toasted sub concept or restaurant brand, in general, Justin was emphatic, stating that he and Josh decided to go with Cheba Hut specifically because it was perfect for them and the Atlanta market.

“We both agreed that the Cheba Hut brand was a perfect fit, especially for the areas we were targeting, because the demographic fits neatly in with the brand’s core group, but there’s also a lot of room to diversify the Cheba Hut customer base here in Atlanta,” Beatty explained. “[A cannabis concept] works in the areas we’re targeting, but Atlanta is also a taco burger town; there’s not a lot of top-tier sandwich options, so something like Cheba Hut is definitely something that works really well.”

Both Josh and Justin love the fact that franchising with Cheba Hut doesn’t mean “conforming.” On the contrary, Josh and Justin are both looking forward to making their Cheba Hut restaurants accurate representations of the Atlanta culture and are planning on using their connections in the Restaurant and Music Industries to do so.

“That’s why we love Cheba Hut, because they’re very much proponents of ‘make it your own.’ They want us to be us and bring what we bring,” said Justin. “I’m the beverage guy and I wanna run a crazy bar program with local beers. I have a lot of connection to local breweries, so I’m going to drive that hard, but also keep an eye on innovation, like on-tap wine and on the food side too. I just want creative options. We’re also looking to tie into the local music scene here. We want to have Cheba Hut be a hub for music, or as a hangout spot, or as both. The demographic here is ready for that.”

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