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A toasted sub and a local brew is a recipe for success
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Cheba Hut Is On It’s Way Up The List Of Top Sandwich Franchises

A toasted sub and a local brew, an American classic meal. In a sea of cookie cutter sub shop franchises, you may be wondering how Cheba Hut stands up to the competition. But what you really should be wondering is how does the competition stand up to us? With some of the best unit economics in the business, we would argue that we are one of the top sandwich franchises in the business.

Top Sandwich Franchises

What Is It About Cheba Hut That Has Us Heading For The Top?

What sets us apart? Our unique concept that combines great food with counter culture while building strong ties with the communities we serve. Our attention to detail with fresh local ingredients, meats and cheeses that are cut in house, and property sauces that are made fresh each morning. But mostly it is our outstanding customer service. Cheba Hut is a place where people come to hang out, not just grab a sub on the go. When our guests leave a Cheba Hut, they turn around to hear a “Goodbye,” that isn’t something you see at just any sandwich shop. In short, we put a lot of love into our food, most others do not.

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Unique Counter Culture All Our Own

Cheba Hut isn’t like any other franchise out there, we are anti-corporate, counter culture that embraces our local communities. Unlike other top sandwich franchises out there, we don’t believe in creating cookie cutter restaurants or corporate sandwich making drones. No two Cheba Hut locations are the same. Each Franchise Owner is encouraged to create two of their own sub recipes for their “Secret Stash” menu which is unique to just their region. Every Cheba Hut features a mural created by a local artisan to represent the unique culture of that Cheba Hut location. And every Cheba Hut is encouraged to connect with their local community by featuring local breweries on tap and hosting a community event each year. Have you ever been to another sub franchise that does all of that? We doubt it.   

No Seeds Or Stems. Just Premium Ingredients

Most other sandwich franchises out there just open up a bag and slap together some pre-made ingredients to serve to their customers. At Cheba Hut, that’s just not how we do things. All of our meats and cheese are hand sliced. We make our sauces from scratch in house each day. And most of our fresh crisp ingredients are locally sourced. We take the extra time to do the little things right; our sandwiches are prepared with love and care, and that is something you can taste in the end product.

Outstanding Customer Service, We Supply It

A unique concept and quality product are key ingredients in our recipe for success, but the rest is all about customer service. At Cheba Hut, we turn our customers into raving fans. Once you experience a Cheba Hut sub, you’ll never go back to a boring cookie cutter sub shop again. Our long standing shops have built such a cult following that there are lines each morning waiting for us to open our doors. We turn fast casual dining into an experience that keeps customer coming back for more. At Cheba Hut, our customers are more than just a number; we get to know them by name, make them feel at home, and keep them coming back for more delicious subs!

When you do things different, people take notice and that is definitely the case with Cheba Hut. We like to think that the reason we are able to compete directly with top sandwich franchises is because the way we do things is just better. Make a better product, treat people better, build a better business. If you’d like to build a successful sub shop franchise by doing things a little bit different from the rest, then fill out the form below to get started!

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