Here at the top sandwich franchise you’ll ever come across, otherwise known as Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs, we are all about the rivalries. Since our inception, back in 1998, we’ve been dueling it out against “The Man” as well as the stigma around cannabis. We even founded our original Cheba Hut location at a college location which comes with its own set of rivalries! Today, colleges are some of our favorites places to bring our top sandwich franchise, as part of our development plan has actually revolved around operating near colleges.

“Cheba Hut started as a college brand at Arizona State before we moved down to Tucson via the University of Arizona, then Boulder via the University of Colorado-Boulder and then Eugene via the University of Oregon,” said COO, Marc Torres. “That early development in the Pac-12 Conference generated some awesome rivalries between stores—because we were college-oriented, we would do marketing at games, tailgating events, etc. It really creates a cool sense of internal competition and some engaging elements that you don’t necessarily see with other brands.”

We really feel like the spirited culture that comes with sports-oriented colleges aligns with the fun atmosphere and welcoming feel that visitors have come to expect when they eat at any Cheba Hut location. This is precisely why we are looking to continue our expansion with the universities that make up the SEC!


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Throughout various markets in the South and Southeast, you can start expecting new Cheba Hut locations to open. In fact, we have recently signed three-unit deals with new Franchise Partners in St. Augustine, Florida; Dallas, Fort Worth & Austin, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia. In the case of Atlanta, the owners are planning on opening their second location in Athens – home of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. In addition to all of these exciting openings, we also just signed a three-unit deal in Little Rock, Arkansas and these Franchise Partners are expecting to open their second location in Fayetteville, home of the University of Arkansas! 

Torres is extremely confident in our plan for targeting the major college conferences and he feels that our model and our culture will not only fit in but that they will thrive in the SEC college markets.

“First and foremost, we tend to draw people with a little bit more open-mindedness, which you often find in college students,” Torres said. “Obviously, a cannabis theme isn’t for everybody, but college kids are in the midst of figuring out who they are as individuals and a playful ‘should-I-or-shouldn’t-I’ vibe really touches on that student experience of making your own decisions for the first time.”

Cheba Hut presents the kind of spot that many college-aged students are looking for. Most of our staff is comprised of college students, our managers are generally younger than usual, and it’s a cool place to work. With our welcoming atmosphere, every person will feel like a part of the Cheba family, whether that be customer or employee. This is all in addition to the fact that all of our Cheba Hut locations include bars which further increases the amount of inclusiveness. 

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Finally, Torres makes it a point to emphasize that our top sandwich franchise is not only committed to becoming a part of the “authentic” college experience, but we are also looking to grow with the communities and expand with every SEC market location that we’re involved in. We’ve helped in this instance by actually offering internships to “brand ambassadors” who are generally local college students who spread the good word of Cheba Hut. 

“Cheba Hut is all about building your story. We want people visiting to come and make cool memories that turn into stories,” Torres said. “We want Cheba Hut to be part of that ‘Rite of Passage’ that’s part of college—that experience of making awesome memories with friends at the local Cheba Hut has the chance to become a big part of going to college in Baton Rouge, or Gainesville, Athens, Fayetteville.”

Are you interested in bringing a Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs, THE top sandwich franchise around, to your alma mater? Maybe you have kids that are attending these schools and you’re interested in making sure that they stay on top of their studies? Or, maybe you have zero affiliation with any SEC school but you’re still interested in bringing a Cheba Hut to your community? Whatever your reasons might be, we would love to talk to you! CLICK HERE to be taken to our franchising site where you can find all sorts of information on how to open up a Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs of your own!

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