Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs is THE toasted sub franchise and, by late spring or early summer, the citizens of Johnstown, Colorado will be able to experience and enjoy the greatest sandwich that they’ve ever had. Though the word “cheba” is slang for marijuana, our restaurants are family-friendly and welcome to everybody regardless of background. Our theme is secondary to our legendary service, food, and atmosphere, all three of which we are well-known for.

Colorful Colorado Gets a New ‘Joint’

“It’s not what drives us. We’re food-driven first and foremost,” Chief Relationship Officer, Seth Larsen said. “We get people who come in every day who don’t understand the underlying theme of Cheba Hut. We’re fine with that.”


While Cheba Hut is generally described as a fast-casual sandwich shop, we actually make it a point to get people into the store and have them sit down, relax, and enjoy themselves. This is why our restaurants come equipped with a fully-stocked bar and an incredible patio.

“Patios are a huge part of what we do,” Larsen said, adding that the Johnstown location will have “an amazing patio looking onto the mountains — probably the best patio in our system.”

“Additionally, people have changed the way they eat,” he said. Before, it was common to grab a 12-inch sandwich with chips and a drink. “Now, people typically come in a group, have an appetizer, eat smaller portions and have a cocktail or two.”

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