Scott Jennings, a self-proclaimed “foodie at heart,” founded Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs back in 1998. Jennings decided to blend delicious food with an anti-establishment, counter-culture them and, as a result, Cheba Hut has exploded into 20 different locations in seven different states. With a growth plan to achieve as many as 200 locations (or more) by 2025. 

With a deep commitment to hospitality, unmatched customer service, and the best tasting food (and bread) around, all built around our unique cannabis theme, our “toasted” sub concept is ready to take advantage of the “Green Wave” that has taken over the nation!

Still Serving “Only Good Vibes”

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It is important for us to note, that we found success long before the first instance of state-level legalization of marijuana. For our Chief Relationship Officer, Seth Larsen, though – this came as no surprise:

“Our theme is secondary,” Larsen explained. “The biggest thing we’re focused on is hospitality and great food. We’re food- and hospitality-driven and that’s what makes rabid fans that keep coming back.”

One of our longest tenured Franchise Owners, Dorian “DJ” Lenz of Phoenix, Arizona, agreed with Larsen and added his own thought:

“We take three things really seriously at Cheba Hut,” Lenz said. “That’s culture, food and customer service. So we might seem like pot-smoking hippie goofballs, but we don’t mess around with the quality of the product or with our customer service. If our only claim to fame was that we had a weed gimmick, we would have closed a long time ago.”

All of the Flavor – None of the Judgment

Despite the overall theme that Cheba Hut embraces, however, our toasted sub concept is completely open to anybody and everybody – both from a consumer standpoint and a franchisee standpoint. Our main focus is on providing anybody and everybody with a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere and an exceptionally delicious meal that you won’t forget.

Many of our locations also boast a full-service bar with an impressive cocktail list and beer selection that is reflective of the community around the store.

At the end of the day, what sets us apart from a competitive sandwich marketing isn’t our cannabis theme: it’s our unmatched commitment to service, to quality, and to good vibes only. This means that potential Franchise Owners are able to open a Cheba Hut and have it perform well in a multitude of markets.

With a focus on healthy, balanced growth, we are looking to add three to five stores every year and we have instituted a business model that only signs on franchisees who are willing to commit to a minimum of three locations. This focus has led us to a very healthy AUV (Average Unit Volume) of $1.2 MILLION in 2017 – a number that directly competes with some of the biggest names in the Sub/Sandwich Industry. 

“We’re not the average sandwich player out there, nor do we want to be,” Larsen explained. “And the biggest thing is, when we were founded, we were pigeon-holed into being a college brand. And we love college markets, but we can operate in suburbia, downtown, in states that are more traditionally conservative—we love those markets. We’re food- and hospitality-focused and those are core values across the United States. For 2019, we’re focused on that healthy growth and opening stores at or above that average unit volume.”

Interested in opening your own toasted sub concept with Cheba Hut? CLICK HERE for more information on how to bring a Cheba Hut to YOUR community!

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