Why the Sub Shop Franchise
Industry is Here to Stay

The sub shop franchise industry has shown steady growth over the last five years
Sub Franchises

The Industry

According to IbisWorld.com, the sub shop franchise industry has shown steady growth over the last five years, and it is expected that revenue will continue to rise at an annual rate of 2.7% sending the 2018 revenue projection to $23.4 billion for the industry.

Sub Shop Franchises

However, Cheba Hut is not your typical sub shop franchise. We also operate within the Fast-Casual Industry which collectively outputs $52 billion in sales annually. This type of industry has been long considered as a recession-resilient segment, as eating affordably is something that is a constant necessity for most, even more so in times of economic downturn.

A Reliable Market

Currently, Fast Casual Restaurants are growing at a rate of 6.3%, with fast-food at 3%-4% annually, and full-service restaurants increasing revenues by around 1.5%-2%. Compare this with Cheba Hut where our average store sales increase is at 14.92%. We are outpacing most of the industry!

Needless to say, you can be confident about the state of the industry you’re becoming a part of when you join the Cheba family. We’re a one-of-a-kind model in a reliable market.

Street Cred

If you’re considering our sandwich franchise opportunities, you should know that over the last 20 years, we have learned how to not only build a large following of customers, but we have also learned how to turn them into brand loyalists.

We believe a reputation is earned by street level cred and word of mouth (neither of these can be faked). This probably just sounds like marketing bullshit to you guys, but we think that there are two things that prove that Cheba is the real-deal: First, our unit economics are truly incredible (click on the NUMBERS page to learn more about this). Second, our online reviews and reputation can’t be manufactured. Check us out on social media or anywhere online and you’ll start to get a feel for the Cheba movement:

“If you drove past a field of a thousand cows and saw one purple cow, you’d never forget that. Cheba Hut is a purple cow.”

– Ryan Snyder

A Better Product

In a sea of cookie cutter sub shop franchises, you may be wondering how Cheba Hut stands up to the competition. But what you really should be wondering is how does the competition stand up to us? With some of the best unit economics in the business, we would argue that we are one of the top sandwich franchises in the business.

When you do things different, people take notice and that is definitely the case with Cheba Hut. We like to think that the reason we are able to compete directly with top sandwich franchises is because the way we do things is just better. Make a better product, treat people better, build a better business. If you’d like to build a successful sub shop franchise by doing things a little bit different from the rest, then fill out the form below to get started!

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