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The food industry has been drastically shaped by the on-the-go, fast-paced, busy reality of modern society. Today’s workforce is led mainly by millennials, the generation of multi-taskers. When they’re hungry, they don’t have time for formal dining or home cooked meals. They prefer something fast, and preferably designed to be eaten on-the-go. The dining needs of millennials have been the generating force behind the boom of fast casual restaurants. Fast casuals provide higher quality meals than a typical fast food restaurant in a casual atmosphere. Fast casual franchises have exploded recently – the industry demands more than $52 billion annually.

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Sub franchises happen to be the perfect “on-the-go” option – delicious and nutritious, they can be eaten in the car, on the bus, or while walking downtown. An investment in sub franchises is a great idea that capitalizes on the hungry but busy American consumer.

Watch our video and see what it’s like for Owners of our “Toasted” Sub Sandwich Franchises to be part of Cheba Hut.

Why Cheba Hut is the Best of All Sub Franchises

From Jimmy John’s to Subway, the sandwich franchises industry can feel a bit oversaturated. So how do you capitalize on this great opportunity while standing out from the crowd? With Cheba Hut’s counterculture “toasted” sub revolution, of course! Cheba Hut is made of cannabis-themed toasted sub franchises that has come out on top of the Fast Casual industry by focusing on these three factors:

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Affordable Prices –

A mainstay of fast casuals is affordable prices – well, it should be. Unfortunately, many fast casuals have prices that are more reflective of a formal dining experience without the experience. At Cheba Hut, we recognize that people crave quality meals at fair prices. By keeping our overhead costs low, we’re able to offer our customers a tasty meal at sensible prices.

Delicious Recipes –

As American consumers become more conscious about their health, there has been a big push for transparent menus and healthy ingredients. Since the beginning, Cheba Hut’s toasted subs have been crafted with only the finest quality meats, the freshest veggies, and handcrafted sauces.

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A Unique Environment –

Our toasted subs are a nod to the “toasted” culture of cannabis lovers. We have fun with our theme while creating an environment that welcomes counterculture kids and businesspeople alike. By creating a unique space and respecting the individuality of our communities, we stand out from any other boring old sub shop.

Street Cred

If you’re considering our sandwich franchise opportunities, you should know that over the last 20 years, we have learned how to not only build a large following of customers, but we have also learned how to turn them into brand loyalists.

We believe a reputation is earned by street level cred and word of mouth (neither of these can be faked). This probably just sounds like marketing bullshit to you guys, but we think that there are two things that prove that Cheba is the real deal: First, our unit economics are truly incredible (click on the NUMBERS page to learn more about this). Second, our online reviews and reputation can’t be manufactured. Check us out on social media or anywhere online and you’ll start to get a feel for the Cheba movement.

“If you drove past a field of a thousand cows and saw one purple cow, you’d never forget that. Cheba Hut is a purple cow.”

– Ryan Snyder

Join the Toasted Sandwich Franchises Movement

While our business model may be a step or two away from the norm, it hasn’t stopped us from being wildly successful. Rather, our unique approach happens to be the main drive behind our success. We know we have a better product and smarter business plan than other sub franchises, so we aren’t worried about rushed expansion. We’re taking the time to find like-minded individuals who share our goal of overtaking the sandwich franchises industry with quality food and relaxed attitudes. So, if you’d like to join the counterculture at Cheba Hut, leave the suit and tie behind. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more.

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