Guess what, Nashville residents? The Cheba Hut sub franchise wants YOU! That’s right- Music City, U.S.A. is on track to get “toasted,” and we can’t wait! FOX 17 Nashville announced that we’re setting our sights on opening a Cheba Hut sub franchise near Vanderbilt University.

In case you were wondering, that’s no coincidence- Cheba Hut is specifically looking to open more sandwich franchise locations in towns where SEC colleges also reside. Why? It’s simple: college students love us! What could be more “college” than hitting up Cheba with your best buds, or scarfing a dank White Widow pinner and some Kool-Aid during a late-night study sesh? Ever since Cheba Hut began back in 1998 (which, by the way, is before some of these current college students were even born, if you didn’t feel old enough yet today), bringing our sub franchise to college towns has been part of our master plan to dominate the sandwich market. (Evil laugh.) Seriously, though- if you were a sub franchise brand that was all about chill vibes, great tunes, tasty subs, and giving a one-finger salute to Da Man, wouldn’t you want to hang out with college students too?

SEC colleges like Nashville’s Vanderbilt University add another layer to our Cheba Hut Global Domination Manifesto because they bring the fun and competitive nature of sports rivalries into the mix. In case you haven’t noticed by now, Cheba Hut is all about one-upping the competition and engaging in a little harmless smack-talking, so we’re right in our element when we find ourselves amidst epic football rivalries between universities in the Southeastern Conference. 

The open-minded, laid-back Cheba Hut culture is another thing that makes us a great fit for college towns, because it’s a time in people’s lives where they can expand their horizons, think for themselves, and truly embrace new philosophies and ways of life. “We want Cheba Hut to be part of that ‘Rite of Passage’ that’s part of college—that experience of making awesome memories with friends at the local Cheba Hut has the chance to become a big part of going to college in Baton Rouge, or Gainesville, Athens, Fayetteville,” said our COO Marc Torres in a June interview. Now we’re looking to add Nashville to the list, so we can know for sure that Cheba Hut is on pace to become the go-to sub franchise for hungry college students looking for more than just a regular dining experience.

Besides the awesome college students at Vanderbilt that we can’t wait to meet, we’re also excited to get “rollin” into a city with such a music-rich history. After all, you don’t get the nickname “Music City” without a culture that is steeped in music! We’ve always believed that good vibes and good subs go hand in hand with good music, and we make our signature playlists an integral part of every Cheba Hut sub franchise we open. In fact, each Cheba Hut location has a slightly different playlist cranking over the speakers while you eat, with songs by local artists woven in with fan favorites. We try to keep our music as unique to each location as its decor and featured subs- it’s a huge part of what makes us different from other sandwich franchises. So we can’t even begin to imagine how exciting it will be for our Nashville location Franchise Owner, whoever he or she may be,  to craft the Cheba Hut playlist for a place that’s home to the Civil Wars, Kings of Leon, and just So. Many. Country. Musicians. Wow, we just got goosebumps thinking about it!

So here’s the deal- if you live in Nashville, or want to live in Nashville, and share our dream of feeding hungry students the mind-blowingly tasty subs they deserve, we want to talk with you! If you’re sitting there right now, reading this, thinking how great it would be to own a Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs full of smiling Vanderbilt University students, rather than whatever you’re doing right now, here’s your opportunity to do something different with your career! All it takes is a simple click right here on this link to be whisked away to our franchise website, where you can learn all about our amazing brand, crazy-good economics, and playful, fun-loving spirit. Or, if you’re ready to really get into it, go ahead and complete the form below to get started on the path to your new, fun life as a Cheba Hut Franchise Owner! Even if you don’t live in Nashville, it’s OK- we’re breaking ground and blazing trails all over the U.S. of A., and are awarding franchise opportunities in several select territories across the country.

The Cheba Revolution is heating up- now’s the time to join us on our mission to bring love, light, and subs to the people of Earth. Who’s with us???

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