Here at the Cheba Hut sub franchise, we’re all about expansion these days. It’s no secret that our laid-back, feel-good vibes and open-minded, inclusive culture fit in perfectly with the “Green Wave” that’s sweeping across America, and we’re on a mission to bring tasty Cheba goodness in a fun-loving atmosphere to people all over the country. We’re stoked to spread our message of love and deliciousness to the masses, and we won’t stop until everyone in the U.S. of A. has a chance to experience Cheba Hut’s “toasted” subs for themselves, but there are definitely a few areas in the country that we’re eyeing especially hard for future sandwich franchise locations.

One of these states is Michigan, in no small part due to that good old college rivalry we just can’t get enough of! The whole Michigan/Michigan State thing is absolutely the sort of thing we live for, and we’ve got a goal to make our sub franchise an integral part of that time-honored rivalry. In fact, we have big plans to open two Cheba Hut sub franchise locations in Ann Arbor and two in East Lansing by the end of next year. Our Chief Relationship Officer Seth Larsen sat down with Eric Lacy at the Lansing State Journal recently to discuss why our sandwich franchise has its sights set on Wolverine and Spartan territory. “We want each Cheba Hut to feel like that’s the only Cheba Hut,” said Larsen about our approach to creating a custom, one-of-a-kind flair for each sub franchise location we open.  For this reason, there is no doubt that our upcoming Michigan locations will be sure to feature some Spartan and Wolverine style elements.  

Larsen also visited with reporter Brenna McDermott from the Knoxville News Sentinel to chat about how markets like Knoxville, Tennessee are highly desirable future locations for the Cheba Hut sub franchise. As we’ve mentioned before, we LOVE being part of college culture, and we’re especially interested in expanding in towns and cities with SEC schools. It’s back to that college team rivalry thing again- we feel like we’re in our element when we’re in cities with young people and good, healthy sports grudges. It’s kind of our thing.  Not only does the Knoxville area have 12 colleges within a 50-mile radius, but it is also home to a thriving music and craft brewery scene- two things we also look for in the ideal sub franchise location. In the article, Seth Larsen likened Knoxville to another awesome U.S. city famous for its distinct counterculture vibe.  “I saw a quote recently that was, ‘Knoxville’s kind of like Austin but without the hype.’ I love Austin, I think Austin’s a great city, but … there’s a lot of hype and it’s super expensive to live and do business there,” Larsen said. “We like the markets that are typically a little under the radar to the rest of the population.” 

This approach to total global domination one amazing “toasted” sub at a time seems to be working for us so far- since our humble beginnings in 1998, the Cheba Hut sandwich franchise has grown to 25 locations in seven states…and we’re just getting started. We’re hoping to partner with a Knoxville-area Franchise Owner by 2021, so we can keep this Cheba thing “rollin” throughout the SEC. As the “Green Wave” sweeps across the nation,

Cheba Hut is finding all kinds of success in markets that have legalized cannabis products, thanks to our chill, laid-back culture (uhh…counterculture?) that goes hand-in-hand with partaking in certain recreational activities. But we don’t just limit ourselves to “green” states- places like Knoxville and Nashville in Tennessee, which hasn’t even legalized cannabis yet, are still prime markets for us, thanks to the kickass college culture and cool, out-of-the-ordinary vibes that make them a great place for a Cheba Hut. Since we don’t actually sell marijuana or any cannabis products, we’re perfectly legal in all 50 states. (Unless it’s against the law to make the most delicious sandwiches in town. In which case, guilty as charged!) In an interview that appeared in GreenState this week, Seth Larsen talked more about Cheba Hut’s desire to open a sandwich franchise location in Knoxville. “We’ve kind of been doing this fast-casual thing for longer than that’s even been a buzzword,” he said, adding, “We want to expand, we want to expand to cool markets, and we think Knoxville’s a cool market.”

It’s only a matter of time before the Cheba Hut VW bus rolls into East Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Knoxville- and if you live in any of these markets and want to help us bring our kickass sub franchise to town, we want to talk to you! We’re looking for unique individuals who can put their own personal stamp on a friendly neighborhood Cheba Hut in the cities we’ve got our eye on for the near future.

What if you want to open a Cheba Hut sandwich franchise but don’t live anywhere near Michigan or Tennessee? Don’t sweat it- we’re always on the lookout for cool places with a chill vibe that matches our own. Want to nominate your hometown as the next Cheba Hut location? Hit us up! We’re listening. Just visit our franchise website or fill out the form below to get started. We’re counting on YOU to help us realize our dream of Total Sub Domination! (No pressure.)

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