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Did you know that St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest city in the United States? We certainly didn’t! Did you also know that Florida’s first Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs location will be opening in St. Augustine? Well, that we are certain about! New Franchise Owner, Dusty Derickson, will be opening this location in St. Augustine, along with two additional Cheba Hut locations near college campuses at later dates.

“It’s going to be me, my wife and my son tackling this thing, and my daughter has also expressed interest, so it’s going to be a family-owned and operated business,” said Dusty. “I think that speaks well to the customer experience and a commitment to warm, welcoming customer service.”

Our “toasted” sub franchise will not be Dusty’s first time owning a business. Dusty is also the proud owner of a Dairy Queen in Indiana, which he purchased in college after working his way up the ranks. Dusty worked there for many years, learning the ins and outs of owning a restaurant, until he and his wife decided to leave the management up to a trusted employee so that they could retire to Florida. He and his family started looking for another franchise opportunity when his son expressed interest in getting involved in the industry and, after exploring many options, landed on the Cheba Hut.

 “We started researching franchise options, and it took us a long time to find what we wanted, but that was Cheba Hut,” said Dusty.

The Dericksons began to communicate regularly with our franchise development team before they traveled to beautiful Colorado to meet the executives. Dusty signed on after meeting the team and seeing the establishment, loving the fun laid-back attitude and an easily manageable restaurant model.

“We went out to Discovery Day the first week of March and met with Seth, Mark and Scott. That meeting and experience just confirmed that Cheba Hut was the right fit,” said Derickson. “We came home, signed off on some paperwork and hit the ground running.”

The first of three locations is scheduled to open September of 2019!

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