Cheba hut sub franchise bar

Cheba Hut has always been known for doing things differently. From Cheba Hut’s marijuana themed concept to its one-of-a-kind tasty treats, this company has always been unique from other sub franchises. Now, one way that Cheba Hut is seriously standing out from other sandwich concepts is its bar.

“A consistent bar program is an imperative. We wouldn’t let any location go willy-nilly with the menu, so we shouldn’t do that with a bar,” said Chief Relationship Officer Seth Larson. “That was the launching point for the new bar program.”

The bar program keeps in line with the restaurant’s theme. It offers fun, tasty cocktails with a spin such as the margarita with an onion ring and “bong water” rotating shots. Customers love these inventive concoctions, and that has helped to increase the company’s profit margin. However, it is also important that the brand stay not only trendy but current, and it must do that by being ahead of the curve when it comes to preferences. This is why Cheba Hut is bringing in new beers such as Odell and Lagunitas, as well as PBR for a cheaper option.

Cheba Hut continues to be an innovator in the industry, obtaining excellent profit margins and growing rapidly. The sub franchise currently has 14 open locations, with 25 total locations awarded and more on the way.

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