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Albuquerque, New Mexico recently got a brand-new location of the country’s best sub franchise! Cheba Hut recently opened a second location of our ‘toasted’ sub franchise concept in the Land of Enchantment, creating a whole new horde of rabid fans of our tasty sub sandwiches. This shout-out from Hoodline mentions how our superior sandwich franchise is known for its laid-back, friendly vibe that makes it stand out against the competition. We’re stoked to list Albuquerque as a Cheba-friendly city!

Besides having one of the hardest-to-spell city names in America, the city of Albuquerque is known for its rich culture and history. Founded as a Spanish colony in 1706, modern-day Albuquerque is a tapestry of Hispanic and indigenous influences, which are heavily reflected in its architecture, music, and art. The historic Old Town area boasts adobe buildings that have been around for literal centuries, such as San Felipe de Niri church. Additionally, fans of Native American art and handicrafts can purchase one-of-a-kind pieces by indigenous artists through one of Albuquerque’s many shops. Also, as many fans can tell you, the classic TV show Breaking Bad is set right in the ABQ, which makes it popular with pop culture geeks everywhere! A city like Albuquerque, with such a cool backstory and even cooler residents, is the perfect backdrop for our unconventional Cheba Hut culture. It’s a good fit!

Owned by Isaac Montoya, the Albuquerque locations of the Cheba Hut sandwich franchise are thriving as more and more locals discover what makes us the best sub franchise in the land. The Ellison Drive location spotlighted on Hoodline is Montoya’s second; his original Cheba Hut sub franchise is located at 115 Harvard Drive SE and continues to be a hit with a growing legion of fans. In an interview with the Albuquerque Business Journal last year, Montoya mentioned that he started out as a Cheba Hut employee back in 2012, and worked his way up to owning his own Cheba Hut sub franchise opportunity. He says that the sandwich franchise’s biggest asset is its employees, and we wholeheartedly agree! Our Franchise Owners create a fun, unique culture (counterculture?) in each Cheba Hut sub franchise location, and hire employees who not only take pride in creating mind-blowingly good subs, but also place a great deal of importance on making sure our customers always have a good time. It’s what sets us apart from other sandwich franchise opportunities.

So what does the Duke City think of the newest Cheba Hut location? The reviews are in, and (no surprise), they rock!

Yelp reviewer Jamie C., who was fortunate enough to stop by on 4/20, writes, “I ordered the Apollo13, my hubs ordered The Kind, and they were totally dope. No really, I mean it….they were freakin’ delicious. Toasted to perfection, brimming with flavor and freshness, I am impressed with their lil operation over here. Carry on…”

Lydia G. thought the Ellison Drive location was so amazing, she actually used the word “amazing” FOUR TIMES in her Yelp review! “The chicken and bacon salad is just amazing! Best cheese ever. Also the AK-47 is also amazing. It comes with ajus which makes it amazing. To pull the meal together, I added the strawberry cream rice crispy treat. AMMMMAZING!!!”

Google reviewer John Alvarez was amped up to increase the frequency of his Cheba cravings, thanks to his close proximity to the Ellison Drive location. He writes, “I am extremely excited to see Cheba Hut expand to the west side. The social environment and food is excellent. It is now a frequent stop since it’s closer to me now. I will always highly recommend this establishment.”

We’re excited to see Isaac Montoya’s newest Albuquerque Cheba Hut location catch fire, and we look forward to getting ‘toasted’ with new fans as we keep expanding across the U S of A! Is your city next? Stay tuned!

Looking for a sandwich franchise opportunity that doesn’t suck? Cheba Hut is on the hunt for new locations. If you think you could use the best sub franchise in your neck of the woods, why not open up a “joint” yourself? We’re currently awarding franchise opportunities in cities across America, and are always up for talking to like-minded individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to stick it to The Man! Visit our website to learn all about what makes Cheba Hut different from any other sub franchise, and find out about our outstanding economics, industry-leading business model, and outside-the-box culture. 

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