Work Toward Retirement with a Sandwich Shop Franchise

From the start, Scott Jennings had an original concept and a strong following.
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Financial Stability with a Sandwich Shop Franchise

Retirement is often an overwhelming topic of thought.  Typical retirement dreams consist of many sunny, tropical vacations, plenty of family time, and no more money worries.  Figuring out how to make these dreams into reachable goals, however, can be stressful. While many salary based jobs offer easy retirement investment options, they lack the freedom and high earning potential of entrepreneurship.  Business ownership allows for unlimited earning potential and the ability to be your own boss, but it also comes with risks. Sandwich shop franchise ownership, on the other hand, is relatively risk free, offers high earning potentials and freedom, and is a great way to secure financial independence and feasible retirement goals!

If you’re looking for a career path that offers high earnings, freedom, and the promise of worry free retirement, then consider joining the Cheba Hut team!  Cheba Hut is a fast casual sandwich shop franchise that operates above industry standards. Our unique, eclectic and inclusive locations deliver delicious food in a great atmosphere that is beloved by extremely pleased customers and raving fans. The fast casual industry is a $52 billion a year industry, and Cheba Hut operates in the top tier of these restaurants, with annual average store revenues reaching $1+ million.  Joining the Cheba Hut team means explosive earnings, career growth possibilities, and a secure future.

FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early

The hottest new term in the business world is “FIRE,” and it embraces financial independence which allows for early retirement.  Financial independence completes freedom when making choices for your future. If early retirement is something you dream of, that choice becomes available to you with financial independence.  Those that own their own business have a much more likely chance of reaching financial independence because they are the ones who make the financial decisions that impact both their lives and their business.  Opening one of oursub sandwich franchises gives you access to the possibility of financial independence while avoiding the risks of outright business ownership.

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So, if your dreams of early retirement include the freedom to kick back and relax, Cheba Hut has got you covered.  By buying into our franchise, you get access to our highly successful business model, staff and management training, marketing assistance, and consistent support.  We set you up for success in the best way. Once you get into the groove of one of our funky and delicious sub sandwich franchises, you may find that you’ll never want to retire because you love your Cheba Hut location too damn much!  But, with the financial independence you’ll acquire, that decision is totally up to you.

“Business is great. This first year in Arizona all stores have passed 1 million, with one store surpassing the 2 million mark!”

– Josh Willet


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The Freedom in Franchising

Franchising is a chance to own your own business with limited risk.  And, while most franchises are cookie cutter, Cheba Hut is different.  We embrace diversity, which is apparent in each of our uniquely-designed locations.  With Cheba Hut, you get to own a funky, cool sandwich shop franchise and our success and raving fans will help you say goodbye to financial worries.

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