Oh, Chance Steed. Even if you weren’t one of our awesome new sandwich shop Franchise Owners, we’d still love saying your name. However, we’ve got even more reason to love Chance Steed, and it’s got a little something to do with this interview he gave to Sarah Blaskovich of GuideLive, about his upcoming grand opening in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Texas is not usually associated with the, um, herbal refreshment that goes hand-in-hand with the Cheba Hut culture- in fact, cannabis isn’t even fully legal out there yet– but that shouldn’t be a problem for Chance Steed. After all, Cheba Hut is all about laid-back vibes, excellent food, and good times with great friends- three things that the Lone Star State holds in pretty high regard. 

Not only that, but, as the article points out, our sandwich shop franchise doesn’t actually sell any cannabis products. We just like to have a little fun with the names of our tasty concoctions, and tend to name them after some of our favorite strains of a certain popular plant. But that’s it- just sandwiches, dude. We swear. Chance Steed, who considers himself “friendly to the stoner culture,” was quick to point that out, saying, “It’s just a fun theme that goes along with the counterculture.”

Chance Steed (yes, we’re going to see how many times we can work his kickass name into this story!) first happened upon the Cheba Hut sandwich franchise concept on a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, not too far from our Fort Collins headquarters. A friend he was traveling with suggested that the two stop at the Dillon, CO Cheba Hut location for lunch, and he was instantly a fan. “The relaxed and fun, easy-going work atmosphere seemed like the perfect fit for me,” he said in a recent interview. Looking back on that first Cheba Hut experience, during which he ordered The Bomb, a meatball sandwich that remains his favorite menu item to this day, Steed tells GuideLive, “I was sitting there with my buddy, eating that meatball sub, and I said, ‘Man, I could open one of these up in Texas’.” 

The Dallas/Ft. Worth Cheba Hut is the first of three sandwich shop franchise locations Chance Steed plans to open in coming years, and he is eyeing neighboring cities like Deep Ellum, Arlington, and Denton as possible future location choices. Not only is the Dallas/Ft. Worth location the first one that Steed will be opening, but it will also be the first Cheba Hut in all of Texas! 

Since Texas is, like, really big, y’all, the success of Chance Steed’s first Cheba Hut sub franchise location could make a major impact on kickstarting similar success of future franchise opportunities in other major cities like San Antonio, Austin, or Houston- in other words, Chance Steed’s grand opening is like fuel for the Cheba Van to continue “rollin’” across the great state of Texas, not to mention the rest of the United States.

As an avid poker player, Chance Steed knows a thing or two about taking risks, but we are confident that this is a pretty sure bet for him. We think the trailblazing, mold-breaking Cheba Hut sandwich shop franchise spirit will appeal to a city that has gone and named its basketball team the Mavericks. After all, when all you’ve ever known is Subway, Blimpie, or Schlotzky’s, how can you help but love the superior sandwich ingredients and anti-corporation values you get at a sub franchise like Cheba Hut? With our eye-popping wall murals, eclectic menu that reflects each city’s unique flair, and a playlist that is almost as tasty as the sandwiches themselves, we’re about to give Dallas/Ft. Worth a whole new definition of the sub sandwich franchise.

Any guesses on when Chance Steed would like his grand opening to take place? We’ll give you a hint: it’s a significant date in cannabis culture. People throw parties to celebrate it. The date is literally in the title of this post. Give up? It’s 4/20! But since this is a very special year coming up, Chance has the, er, chance to host his grand opening party on 4/20/2020, which we can all agree is the “4/20”-est day of them all! “I’d like to be open by 4/20/2020,” he says. “For a 4/20 party.” We can’t wait to be front and center when 4/20 rolls around, ready to get our sub on with the one and only Chance Steed. Chance Steed! Chance Steed!!

How would you like to help us get our “grow” on in your little corner of the world? We’re on a “roll,” and aren’t stopping the Cheba Van anytime soon! Give us a shout if you want to be considered for a Cheba Hut sandwich franchise opportunity by completing the form below. Need a little more info first? Not a problem. Click here to be whisked away to our sub franchise website, where we can answer more of your questions and give you all the deets on what it takes to be Cheba material. 

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