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If you’ve stopped by a Cheba Hut sandwich shop franchise location lately, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are clamoring to get in on the “toasted” sub franchise action! After all, we’re an original in a sea of cookie-cutter sub sandwich franchises, and our unique, niche concept tends to draw entrepreneurs in and make them want to invest in a sub franchise that believes in individuality and enjoys going against the grain. (Bread pun heavily intended!)

However, our amazing product, counterculture values, and kickass business model are not the only ingredients that go into creating the best sandwich franchise opportunity out there. Our sub franchise development team goes above and beyond every day to partner us with the most awesome Franchise Owners we could ever hope to have. We took some time to chat with Senior Brand Manager Lana Nuss and Development Manager Dillon Joffe and find out what goes into finding just the right people for the Cheba Hut sub sandwich franchise opportunity.

Both Lana and Dillon make no secret of their passion for Cheba Hut, both as a sandwich shop franchise and as a freakin’ delicious sub sandwich, and they both have greatly enjoyed watching us grow as a nationally-recognized brand. “I think my favorite part of helping Cheba Hut grow has been how well the model fits so many different people,” says Lana. “They haven’t been able to find a concept they’ve been looking for until they find Cheba. It allows them to be unique and do their own thing while being part of a franchise.”

For Dillon, the best part of helping the Cheba Hut sandwich franchise is the entrepreneurs themselves. “People are excited about concept and want to see Cheba Hut grow,” he explains.  “They’re excited about the potential profitability, but are more excited to just be in the family. Cheba Hut in particular, with that niche counterculture vibe, really presents an especially familial type of sub franchise opportunity.”

Cheba Hut’s outside-the-box business model is one of the biggest draws for prospective Franchise Owners, Lana says. “it’s got great revenues, it’s simple to operate, but it’s unique in the Fast Casual space, and stands out against the competition.” Dillon agrees that the Cheba Hut sandwich franchise opportunity is particularly attractive to people who march to the beat of their own drummers, both in life and in their careers. As he puts it, Cheba Hut is the best sandwich franchise opportunity for “people who embrace their weird, in the best way possible!”  

“I’ve gotten to speak with so many incredible, interesting characters,” says Dillon. “Even on a quick call, I can tell they have some quirks, and a unique personality. It’s a fun weirdness clearly shown by [Cheba Hut Founder and CEO] Scott [Jennings] and the things he does. Whether it’s a quote or an article from Scott, or something they saw in store, Cheba Hut candidates know there is no reason to hide what makes them unique.”

However it happens, the Cheba Hut sub sandwich franchise opportunity is ideal for people who don’t like being put in a box, and enjoy disrupting the status quo while being great at business.

Of course, helping Cheba Hut connect with only the highest-quality people for sandwich shop franchise opportunities across America isn’t without its challenges, and one of the biggest obstacles of the Cheba Hut sub franchise opportunity is also one of its greatest assets. Along with the terrific investment and the fact that the quality of the product speaks for itself, Dillon lists the “Green Wave,” a nickname for the influx of opportunities related to the legalization of cannabis that is currently sweeping America, as one of the three key factors that draw people to the Cheba Hut sub sandwich franchise. 

However, as Lana points out, “Initially, the marijuana theme really scared people. It’s sometimes a challenge to figure out how to pitch our brand so the food comes first.” The cannabis-friendly theme of Cheba Hut and our acceptance of the pot culture can also pose a unique challenge when it comes to anticipating the success of sandwich franchise locations in areas where cannabis products have yet to be legalized, as Lana mentions. “Right now, [the challenge] is overcoming the objections that Cheba Hut can only do well in areas where weed is legal,” she says. 

That type of challenge always produces the sweetest victory- a recent deal in a seemingly unlikely part of the country gave Lana and the rest of the development team cause to celebrate. “Our deal in Arkansas was super exciting because a lot of people didn’t think Cheba Hut would work there,” she recalls, adding, “We’re breaking that mold!”

As a Chicago native and former trader, Dillon’s personal connection to a recent Cheba Hut sub franchise deal in the Windy City made it one of his favorites. “[Franchise Owner Chris Custer and his business partner’s] backgrounds are similar to the background I started with, so I connected with their story,” he explains. “They were traders, and it was a situation where advancing technology had started to restructure the industry. They wanted to put their money to good use instead of feeding it to computers. I saw their specific need and why Cheba Hut would be a good fit for them.” 

So, who makes a good Cheba Hut Franchise Owner? According to Lana and Dillon, there is no specific profile, but a few key things help. “Our owners come from different backgrounds, but they all have strong management experience, are financially driven, and don’t necessarily need to partake in cannabis products, but have acceptance of the culture and understand it, and understand they’re running a restaurant first and foremost,” says Lana. Dillon adds that an ideal Cheba Hut Franchise Owner should be “able to get things done but have a laid-back mentality.” 

Lana and Dillon are two of the driving forces behind the success of the Cheba Hut sandwich shop franchise opportunity, and it’s clear that they love what they do! Their passion for the Cheba Hut brand goes into their work to bring us quality Franchise Owners who keep this Cheba train rollin’. 

If you’re reading this and think that this sounds like the best sandwich franchise opportunity you’ve heard of, you’re not alone! Folks all over this beautiful country are hopping on board to bring Cheba Hut to all four corners of America, and the places in between. Click here to visit our sandwich franchise website, where you can learn more about the opportunity. Or, if you’d like to be contacted by Dillon himself (or one of his associates), go ahead and complete the form below so you can get things started.

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