Cheba Hut Has The Ingredients For a Successful Sandwich Franchise.

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Cheba Hut is a sandwich franchise that has all the main ingredients for success. Subs are our business and we are damn good at making them. We love subs so much, in fact, that we based our entire business plan off the idea of a delicious sub. What makes a delicious sub? Well, at Cheba Hut, we start with two pieces of fresh baked bread. And then we fill it with the most delicious ingredients you can imagine – mouth-watering, premium proteins, crisp vegetables, hand crafted sauces, and creamy cheeses. So what does this have to do with our business plan?

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“There are much shittier ways to make a living than to own a Cheba Hut! In all seriousness, I never thought it would be this profitable. It is without a doubt the best decision I’ve ever made.”

– Seth Larsen
Denver, CO

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Our business plan starts with these simple “ingredients” of success:

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An All Star Menu

Any sandwich franchise that wants to make it big must start with quality ingredients. Unfortunately, many of the sub sandwich franchises out there are stuck in the fast food mindset of poor ingredients and low quality menus. At Cheba Hut, we start with quality and healthy ingredients. Because we put so much love into our food, customers keep coming back – they know that at Cheba Hut they can find a wholesome, delicious meal for a fair price.

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Unique Restaurant Theme

Unlike other boring sub sandwich franchises that serve sad meals in dingy, boring restaurants, at Cheba Hut we take the idea of a sandwich franchise to the next level. Our menu and restaurant locations are cannabis themed, creating a fun atmosphere by focusing on the creativity and uniqueness of the counterculture. Our fun theme catches customers’ interest and our delicious food makes them stay.

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Excellent Unit Economics

While competitors charge a steep investment fee for a poor chance at success, at Cheba Hut we are proud of our unit economics. In fact, each and every one of our franchisees has found booming success. For an industry low investment of $463,500 to $746,500, you can join the Cheba Hut team. On average, our locations earn about $1,513,299 annually. Yes, over $1 million! With numbers like these, you can expect a quick ROI.

Street Cred

If you’re considering our sandwich franchise opportunities, you should know that over the last 20 years, we have learned how to not only build a large following of customers, but we have also learned how to turn them into brand loyalists.

We believe a reputation is earned by street level cred and word of mouth (neither of these can be faked). This probably just sounds like marketing bullshit to you guys, but we think that there are two things that prove that Cheba is the real-deal: First, our unit economics are truly incredible (click on the NUMBERS page to learn more about this). Second, our online reviews and reputation can’t be manufactured. Check us out on social media or anywhere online and you’ll start to get a feel for the Cheba movement:

“If you drove past a field of a thousand cows and saw one purple cow, you’d never forget that. Cheba Hut is a purple cow.”

– Ryan Snyder

Corporate Support – the “Bread” that Holds it All Together

When we opened our first Cheba Hut, we had no idea that our simple business plan would become so wildly successful. As we quickly grew into a booming franchise, we needed something to perfect our business plan. Like our favorite meal, we wanted something sturdy to hold together our ingredients of success. Our corporate support program became the final touch to our business plan (just like the sweet, fresh baked bread of our toasted subs).

Sub Shop Franchises
Sub Shop Franchises

When you become part of the Cheba Hut team, you’ll receive endless support from our corporate team. From real estate, build out, and grand opening to marketing, supply chain, operations, and ongoing support, we have you covered in every aspect of the sandwich franchise business. If you’re looking for sub sandwich franchises to invest in, Cheba Hut is leading the game. Contact us today to learn more about our ingredients to success.

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