Previously, we mentioned how we are looking to bring our sandwich franchise opportunity, Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs, to all of the universities that make up the SEC conference. Well now, we have officially started this journey and we are excited to announce that new Cheba Hut locations will be opening up in Athens, Georgia (University of Georgia, Bulldogs), and Gainesville, Florida (University of Florida, Gators)! Students, teachers, and parents alike can soon look forward to getting toasted!


top sandwich franchise opportunity in Florida
Successful Sandwich Franchise Opportunity in Florida

Gainesville, Florida – University of Florida

Cheba Hut is going to bring the residents and students of Gainesville, FL a new restaurant and a new way to satisfy their munchies. We are planning to open two locations in 2020 and we’re looking at locations around the UF campus. 

“The demographics are good, the city is good. I feel like there’s room for a concept like ours.” Seth Larsen, Chief Relationship Officer, said. “There’s no doubt about it that we love campus locations and great younger-ish cities that the university kind of creates.”

We are also looking to continue our expansion across the Sunshine State as we are getting ready to open up multiple Cheba Hut locations in other cities like Orlando and St. Augustine. Florida is an enormous state, though, and there’s room for everybody! Maybe now is the time to bring a Cheba Hut to your Florida community! 

Successful Sandwich Franchise Opportunity in Georgia
Top Sandwich Franchise Opportunity in Georgia

Athens, Georgia – University of Georgia

Scott Jennings, Founder of Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs, is planning on bringing two Cheba Hut locations to the University of Georgia area by fall of 2020. These locations are just two of many that will reside in college towns, following the likes of stores near the University of New Mexico, the University of Wisconsin, and more. Jennings, feels like Athens is the perfect location for Cheba Hut because of its, “great college campus and the way UGA represents itself.”

“UGA is in a different league when it comes to wanting to be the best at what they do and that’s something we also believe,” Jennings said.

Specifically, Jennings is looking for locations downtown, around College Avenue and Clayton Street. Colleges are the PERFECT locations for Cheba Hut because they attract plenty of hungry students and they also provide plenty of employment opportunities. Additionally, each location is encouraged to create their own subs, murals, and artwork that accurately represent the local community.

“We would like to have earned the respect of both locals and students,” Jennings said. “In addition, we would like to be involved with the community and giving something back for their support

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Are you looking for the PERFECT sandwich franchise opportunity? Then look no further then Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs! We are looking for entrepreneurs from all sorts of backgrounds and in all sorts of locations. While Cheba Hut has a tendency to do really well in areas with a major university, Cheba Hut also has a tendency to do really well almost everywhere else, too! Our industry-leading economics can attest to that! 

So! If you would like more information on how to join the Cheba Hut team, CLICK HERE – this will take you to our franchising site where you will find all of the information that you’re looking for!

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