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How Much Do Cheba Hut Owners Make?

The Fast-Casual Industry is booming! Americans are working more hours than ever before, and with increasingly busy schedules, consumers are looking to pick up quick healthy food that tastes great! It only makes sense that the fast casual dining industry has grown to a collective output of $52 billion in sales annually. Sub sandwich shops represent 18% of this growing industry and Americans are eating more than 30 million sandwiches a day. If you’re looking for the best sandwich franchise opportunities, check out the Cheba Hut locations popping up all over the market. With so much growth in the market you may be wondering how much do Cheba Hut Owners make?

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Low Cost Build Out

Unlike other fast casual concepts, there are no expensive grills or hoods to install, just our signature toaster. Our simplified concept makes building out your new restaurant locations much more cost effective than other Fast Casual restaurants in the industry. To open a basic cookie cutter restaurant with other Fast Casual concepts will typically cost between $500,000 to $1 million, with Cheba Hut your initial investment will be considerably lower, typically between $336,000 – $678,000. With a much lower initial investment, Cheba Hut Franchise Owners are able to build out and open multiple profitable locations in a fraction of the time it would take to grow other fast casual concepts.

Sub Shop Franchises

Higher Profits

Cheba Hut has been in the business of toasting subs for over 25 years, and while we have been grinding out new locations and packing in great subs, we have also been lighting up higher profits. Our unit economics speak for themselves with an Average Unit Volume of $1,202,634 and our highest performing location hitting $2,040,717. But don’t take our word for it, check out what our Franchise Owners have to say:

“We have gone from $11,000 weeks up to $20,000’s in just a short period of time… (with) 2-3 stores over 2 million… The rest will be at 1 million this next year”

-Josh Donaldson

“Business is great, this first year all of our stores here in Arizona have hit $1million, and we have had our first store pop $2 million”

-Josh Willet

“We have 6 locations and they are all over $1 million dollar stores. Our profitability is high we have been able to pay off every store that we own”

-Dorian Lenz Sr

“Our stores do over $1 million dollars each year”

-Jordan Robinson

“All of our stores are over $1 million dollar stores, we hit our first $2 million dollar store last year. We know that there is growth opportunities.”

-Dorian Lenz JR

Faster Growth

With our average store sales already at over $1.3 million, about twice that of your typical sub franchise, we aren’t stopping there. Our sales continue to grow year after year with an average annual sales growth of 15%. Currently, Fast Casual Restaurants are growing at a rate of 6.3%, with fast-food at 3%-4% annually, and full-service restaurants increasing revenues by only 1.5%-2%. As evident from our growing sales and growing profits, Cheba Hut has something that the other restaurants out there do not.

With a growing market, a proven business model, and an affordable initial investment, there has never been a better sandwich franchise opportunity on the market than owning your own Cheba Hut. Fill out the form below to find out more about how much Cheba Hut Franchise Owners make and how to get started with your own successful franchise!

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