Marijuana-themed sandwich franchise, Cheba Hut, is excited to announce their new 6-year plan to grow their business by 800 percent! The goal of Cheba Hut’s Founder and majority owner, Scott Jennings, is to double their locations every year, until they reach their goal of 200 stores in 2025. Creating this plan is easy, but reaching the goal will be challenging, especially as Cheba Hut is not accepting outside funding.

How Cheba Hut is Focusing on Growth

One of the main ways in which Cheba Hut hopes to attract a larger consumer base is to create a unique and fun ambiance in their restaurants. The sandwich franchise includes a full bar, and live music (in some locations) on certain days, making it a fun spot to come in and hang out.

Another way Cheba Hut plans on raising funds for expansion is to attract more group diners to the restaurant. Jennings hopes this will increase the amount of time that consumers will ultimately spend at these locations. Cheba Hut will place their focus on excellent customer service, a huge variety of menu options, and cannabis pun-filled wall art in order to achieve this.

“When we started this 21 years ago, people told me ‘You’re nuts, you’re crazy, you can’t do this.’ They definitely thought I was selling weed out the back, and I wasn’t,” Jennings recalled. “There’s a definite green wave that’s happening. But we’ve been paddling hard for 21 years.”

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