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Cheba Hut’s plans for growth are ambitious; fifty stores by 2021, and 200 stores by 2025. However, if our past and our present are any indications of our success, this goal is nowhere near unreachable. Cheba Hut has been growing quickly and methodically over the past few years, with twenty-five franchises awarded and fourteen locations open. There are also plans to open stores in Texas, Georgia, and California, as more cities want a taste of our famous “toasted” subs. Our “toasted” sandwich franchise is trying to gain more traction nationally and, while we are much more than just our theme, marijuana becoming more accepted every year is only helping. Fun fact: there are already thirty-three states that have some form of marijuana legalization available and we are loving riding “the green wave.” 

“We’re getting ready to push nationally,” Seth Larsen, Chief Relationship Officer, said. “We want to be smart about our growth.”

Cheba Hut differentiates itself from other sub franchises not only by its fun psychedelic theme (Acapulco Gold, Silver Haze anyone?) but also by its excellent food that is made fresh with the best ingredients, welcoming atmosphere, customer service, and interesting flavor combinations. At most locations, the sandwich franchise also has a full bar, and even live music, making it a great spot to hang out and enjoy a beer.

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