Since Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs opened its doors in 1998, we have been blazing a trail that few have considered. From the marijuana theme of our restaurant to our food and, perhaps most importantly, our customer service, we are unmatched by anybody in the sandwich concepts industry.

Our willingness to adapt and provide basic hospitality (like splitting a check for a group of eaters), is something that most restaurant employees scoff at. For us here at Cheba Hut, though, we’re trying to bring as many people in the door and treat them in a way that keeps them coming back.

Group dining can often turn awkward when the check arrives. Even with conveniences such as Venmo, the most pleasant dinners can become tense when it comes time to divvy up the bill, especially when restaurants are only willing to help so much in the separate checks department.

Not at Cheba Hut!

We welcome group diners with open arms and does everything it can to accommodate them. This is part of its brand and its message to customers. More than anything, Cheba Hut wants to provide a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where no one needs to stress about anything.

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Cheba Hut Paving the Way

“There are two people, usually two vocal people, who drive group-dining decisions. One is the people with dietary restrictions, and the other is the people who want to drink alcohol. Cheba Hut can cater to both. We’re just a good option for groups of people. We take hospitality very seriously, and we want to provide excellent customer service. Additionally, our ordering app makes it easy to split tickets and split costs around the restaurant. Other restaurants make such a big deal about that, but to us it’s just part of hospitality, so of course we split checks. We want people to feel comfortable.”Seth Larsen, Chief Relationship Officer

I’ve Got Cheba Hut on My Mind

We also make it a point to offer multiple seating options to our group diners, including a large, communal table, seating at the bar, high top seats, and an outdoor patio area.

For a typical sandwich chain, customers have a tendency to walk into the restaurant to get a sandwich and then they turn around and leave. This goes against everything that we stand for at Cheba Hut. We are looking to create an atmosphere that our customers enjoy enough to say, “I’ve got Cheba Hut on my mind!”

 For more information on bringing Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs, a sandwich concept that blows every other sandwich franchise out of the water, to your very own neighborhood, Get Started Here – This link will take you to our franchising site where you can get any sort of information that you’re looking for in regards to franchising with us!

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