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The sandwich is one of mankind’s greatest food inventions – start with two slices of delicious, fresh baked bread and finish with whatever your imagination (and taste buds) is craving. From childhood classics like peanut butter and jelly, to smoky slow roasted meats and fresh, crispy veggies, a sandwich can be whatever you want it to be. You need a quick meal on the go? Sandwich. Craving something meaty with delicious sauces? Sandwich. Feeling nostalgic at meal time? Sandwich. The versatility and convenience of this on-the-go meal has allowed for the booming success of sandwich franchises. With various sub shops opening daily, however, the market has become a bit saturated. That’s why Cheba Hut, the most unique of all sandwich franchises, has worked hard to stand out from the crowd.

As we’ve stated above, there’s no doubt that everyone loves sandwiches. Cheba Hut is the best of all sandwich franchises that has added a counterculture twist to the long standing meal. Where most other sub shops offer nothing more than bread, meat, and mustard, Cheba Hut’s toasted menu focuses on delicious flavor combination and a fun atmosphere. Embracing the “toasted” cannabis culture, our menu features tongue-in-cheek named items like “Chronic,” “Kush,” and “Sticky Icky.” Customers love our fun theme as much as our delicious menu item and they keep coming back for more.

“We are unlike any other franchise in existence. We take pride in treating our employees well. We take pride in the culture that we cultivate. And we take pride in how much fun we have doing it.”

– Dorian Lenz SR

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“High” Success in an Anti-Corporation Environment

Our counterculture restaurant theme is reflective of the way we run our business as well. Other sub franchises out there have strict corporate regulations and little to no room for freedom. At Cheba Hut, we embrace individuality and recognize the importance of teaming up with independent, business-savvy individuals. Cheba Hut’s business model allows for creativity, meaning you really can act as your own business owner. We leave various design decisions and even a few menu items totally up to you, so your location can stand out in its own unique way. With one of our sub franchises, you can enjoy the success typical of a corporate office without the stiff tie and even stiffer boss.

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Why Cheba?

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Want to own one of our profitable and proven sub sandwich franchises, but don’t want to be another cog in “The Man’s” system? Take our proven model, but keep your individuality. Be great, but have fun and do it your way.

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We don’t do cookie-cutter stores here at Cheba Hut. We embrace our community by celebrating what is unique and special about each market we open in. Our “Secret Stash” menu (sandwiches unique to each market), and local beers help reinforce this.

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Our average Hut generates $1.3 million in revenue – about twice that of your typical sandwich franchises. And with average sales growth rate of over 13%, you can start to see why Cheba Hut is the real deal.

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We got street cred! With our following of over 45,000 on social media, and hundreds of 5 star Yelp and Google reviews, all new Cheba Hut Franchise Owners open their doors with an already killer reputation in the sub sandwich franchises industry.

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Most restaurants are really hard work. This is probably why the average Franchise Owner in this industry doesn’t get to have a whole lot of fun. At Cheba Hut, however, we’ve simplified the heck out of our operation, so that our Owners can enjoy running their business. 

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Sub Franchises

At Cheba Hut, we stand by the wise words the Beatles once sung – we “get high (by) with a little help from our(my) friends.” As part of the Cheba Hut franchise team, you’ll never feel alone. Two decades of experience in the sandwich franchises industry has taught us a lot about good food and great success and we are eager to share our knowledge with you. Our goal is to have every single Cheba Hut location killin’ it, so we assist our Franchise Owners from the beginning with things like: real estate and construction, finance, supply chain, and marketing (grand opening and ongoing). Once you’re open and rollin’, our support team will be there for any issues you may run into. From day one and forever after, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today to learn more about the toastiest, tastiest of all sandwich franchises.

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