Quick- when you hear “Friday the 13th,” what comes to mind? This guy, right?

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees

Well, what if we told you that after THIS Friday the 13th, you’ll be associating the date with delicious sandwiches instead of psychotic hockey-masked killers, all thanks to the Cheba Hut sub franchise? That’s right, hang onto your “toasted” buns, Cheba Hut loyalists- our humble sandwich franchise is about to make Friday the 13th YOUR lucky day! This Friday, September 13, the first 100 fans in line at every (participating) Cheba Hut sandwich franchise in the land are going to get…FREE NUGS!!!

sandwich franchise free nug day 9/13/19

*first 100 customers on 9/13/19. Participating Cheba Hut locations only. Void where prohibited.

No, not “those” nugs…obviously we are referring to the 4-inch sub sandwich featured on every Cheba Hut menu. That’s right- if you are one of the first hundred lucky guests at your favorite Cheba Hut this Friday, you will receive a free nug sandwich, toasted to perfection and chock-full of your favorite ingredients!

It’s our little back-to-school present for the young people in college towns across America who have helped us rise to sandwich franchise prominence. But you don’t have to be a student to get our free back-to-school nug. We’re all students, in one way or another, and whether you’re heading back to high school, college, or just the school of life, we want you to have a sandwich on us!

Little promos like this are what we love to do best, and we especially enjoy helping our Franchise Owners create a strong, dare we say rabid, following amongst the sandwich enthusiasts in their community. We do this by providing corporate support without being so…corporate about it. For example: this sandwich giveaway. We’ve come up with the basic concept, and we’ve created a few little marketing materials, like the snazzy image at the top of this post, to help get the word out to our legions of fans throughout the country. Our Franchise Owners then get to take the Free Nug Day event and run it independently in each of their stores, without some corporate suit breathing down their necks the whole time. That’s the beauty of owning a Cheba Hut sandwich franchise- you get all the benefits of being part of a large sub franchise corporation that’s able to give you a competitive edge against the local Quiznos or Jersey Mike’s, without any of the corporate bullshit that typically follows. Sure, we’ve got some guidelines in place for our Franchise Owners- we couldn’t be the best damn sandwich franchise in America if we didn’t have at least some rules- but for the most part, we’re a hands-off, you-do-you type of sub franchise that just wants to see our Franchise Owners kick ass and take names in their local Fast-Casual market. The way we see it is this: when you win, we all win!

So now, back to the free nug sandwiches- stop on by your local Cheba Hut this Friday, September 13, and be one of the first 100 folks in line, and not only will you get a firsthand glimpse of the tremendous marketing support you can expect as a Franchise Owner, but also a look at the smiling, potentially glassy-eyed faces of our biggest fans whose Friday the 13th just got a little luckier. Those beautiful people are the reason we’re in the sub sandwich franchise biz, and once you see how stoked they are to be scoring a free Cheba Hut nug, you’ll want to be in it too.

We’re “rollin’” across America, and we want you to join us. If you think you’re Cheba Hut material, hit us up on our website for more info!

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