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From the the start, Scott Jennings had an original concept and a strong following.
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Cheba Hut – The Tastiest Sub

In the oversaturated world of sandwich shop franchise, Cheba Hut is refreshing in taste and style.  While most fast food sandwich shops focus on quantity, not quality, Cheba Hut has broken this unfortunate mold.  A foodie at heart, Cheba Hut’s founder dreamed of serving delicious food with unique flavor combinations using fresh, real ingredients.  With over 30 unique sub recipes, each location uses flavors and ingredients inspired by its locale. For a delicious, gourmet sandwich experience at an affordable price, Cheba Hut sets the bar above all the other sub sandwich franchises.  If you are considering entering the franchise world, take your chances with the uniquely successful Cheba Hut.

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Standing in line at many sub shops, you may wonder why their ingredients look so, well, gross.  Pre-grilled chicken? Cardboard tasting bread? Mystery ingredients? No thanks. Cheba Hut takes taste seriously.  And good tastes begins with good ingredients. At our Cheba Hut locations, you won’t find any mystery. Just real, fresh ingredients prepared on site.  All of our sauces and sub combinations are homemade recipes. With consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, many people are turning away from restaurants that offer sub-par ingredients.  If you’re looking at the many sandwich shop franchises, Cheba Hut will impress you with flavor and style.

Unique Style and a Counterculture Vibe

Born in the more laid back Western states culture, Cheba Hut embraces the cannabis smoking counterculture.  While this eyebrow raising approach definitely garners a lot of initial interest, Cheba Hut really catches its customers with taste, customer service, and an inclusive environment.  Each and every Cheba Hut location features live music, funky art, and great vibes. Void of the stuffy atmosphere of formal dining, but leagues above fast food restaurants, Cheba Hut is a funky “joint” that serves great food at an affordable price.  Part of the $52 billion a year fast casual restaurant, Cheba Hut is outpacing competitors with its flavor and unique atmosphere.

With an impressive annual store revenue average over $1.3 million, Cheba Hut is a top success among the sub sandwich franchises.  Compared to restaurant competitors who grow at an average of 1.5-2% a year, Cheba Hut rocks the market with an explosive annual growth average of 15%.  If you are curious about the opportunities available in sandwich shop franchise ownership, Cheba Hut tops earning potential.

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Why Cheba?

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Want to own a profitable and proven sub sandwich franchise business, but don’t want to be another cog in “The Man’s” system? Take our proven model, but keep your individuality. Be great, but have fun and do it your way.

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We don’t do cookie-cutter stores here at Cheba Hut. We embrace our community by celebrating what is unique and special about each market we open in. Our “Secret Stash” menu (featuring sandwiches unique to each market), and local beers help reinforce this.

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Our average Hut generates $1.3 million in revenue – about twice that of your typical sandwich franchise. And with average sales growth rate of over 13%, you can start to see why Cheba Hut is the real deal.

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We got street cred! With over 45,000 followers on social media and hundreds of 5 star Yelp and Google reviews, all new Cheba Owners open their doors with an already killer reputation in the sub sandwich franchise industry.

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Most restaurants are really hard work. This is probably why the average Franchise Owner in this industry doesn’t get to have a whole lot of fun. At Cheba Hut, however, we’ve simplified the heck out of our operation, so that our Owners can enjoy running their business. 

Cashing in on the Trend of Sub Sandwich Franchises

When Cheba Hut first opened in 1998, the cannabis theme was still considered quite the counterculture.  However, with the new “green wave” taking hold, and cannabis becoming recreationally and medically legal nationwide, Cheba Hut’s success will only continue to grow.  By selecting Cheba Hut as your franchise, you will be on trend and poised for success. Our unique culture breaks the mold of the typical, boring fast casual sandwich shop.  By buying into Cheba Hut, you will be part of a franchise that is unique, flavorful, fun, and stands out from the crowd. Cheba Hut has proven to be a highly successful franchise model year after year.

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