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In the restaurant industry, with thousands of sub shops and burger joints, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. The sub QSR franchise, Cheba Hut, has always had the edge when it comes to drawing a crowd, due to the quirky marijuana theme. However, as Chief Relationship Officer Seth Larsen says,” it takes much more than that to create a loyal following.” The key to getting customer loyalty is the excellent, at times weird, food that Cheba Hut offers.

While there are several safer options, such as the hummus plate or one of the fresh salads, the true creativity lies in the toasted subs. Some of these subs have fillings that include strange flavor combinations like grape jelly, jalapeno cream cheese, meatballs, and barbecue sauce. Although it may sound risky, these subs have customers coming back, as they know they won’t find those flavors anywhere else. When discussing the subs, Seth said,

 “That sold a lot better just because people were willing to take a chance on something they can’t typically get at other places. Our LTOs are more successful when they’re a little bit off the wall—the crazier the better.”

This customer loyalty is part of what gives our franchise owners their excellent unit economics and why Cheba Hut continues to expand at an impressive. With the uniqueness of both the concept and the sub fillings, this sandwich franchise is quickly becoming more than just a Colorado staple.

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