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Before anyone else was even considering it, Cheba Hut was doing it. The cannabis-themed sandwich shop opened over twenty years ago, with twenty-five locations popping up since. Cheba Hut’s rebellious attitude has made it popular amongst teens and young adults, while the food quality transcends stereotypes and more conservative ideologies, making it a place where all are welcomed. The original cannabis-themed sandwich shop, Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs now has to deal with competitors that used to condemn them but are now copying them to make a quick buck.

“I have never been a fan of going mainstream, and I think a lot of people have embraced it just for profit. Some of the same people who were previously against it are now for it after seeing the profit involved, and not the common sense and freedom of choice, which should be the reason.” – Cheba Hut Founder Scott Jennings

However, Cheba Hut’s advantage above their competitors has always been the high-quality food they serve, and the exceptional customer service of the staff. In addition, there are several benefits to the now-relaxed attitude towards weed now that it is mainstream, such as marijuana-related prison sentences being commuted and weed being used as a safer alternative to alcohol. Scott says of weed when he was first starting the cannabis-themed sandwich shop:

“Back in ’98, it was a huge risk. A lot of my friends were dealing with some terrible laws that messed up their lives.”

Cheba Hut will always be a pioneer in the marijuana industry, breaking down preconceptions and negative stereotypes when it mattered most. Using the edgy theme as a statement to free speech, Scott Jennings took a huge risk and now is reaping the rewards with a loyal customer base and an ever-expanding franchise. He recommends the Acapulco Gold and the 5-0 toasted subs to new customers of the restaurant.

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