There’s always a rush to find the next big hotspot for success, especially in the quick-service restaurant market. People spend time and money in an effort to crunch analytics in determining where to open new eateries. These numbers are generally based on historical data that tracks consumer usage at foodservice outlets, restaurant density, and the correlations that might exist between traffic growth and population growth. QSR recently published an article titled, “2018 Growth 40 Breakdown” in which the article listed the top-40 locations to expand in terms of restaurant trends. Why is this important? For a company like Cheba Hut that is currently expanding rapidly, it’s important to find the best places to expand into and “non-traditional” locations are quickly gaining traction to other locations which might make sense – on paper.

The Brownsville Herald interviewed Seth Larsen, Cheba Hut’s Chief Relationship Officer, to discuss these non-traditional markets and what it means for people in the Restaurant Industry.

“These non-traditional markets are becoming more attractive, especially to fast-casual emerging brands,” Larsen said. “Just because the demographics are good, there’s a little more disposable income down there, the cost of living is a little bit less than some of the traditional markets that we would be looking at.”

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