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Cheba Hut, the marijuana themed sandwich franchise, is bringing its signature toasted subs and “munchies” to Colorado Springs! Cheba Hut is already a renowned company is Colorado, and hopes to bring their fun and authentic dining experience to many more locations. Cheba Hut, besides offering a host of marijuana-themed food products, such as sandwiches with names like “Chronic” and “Acapulco Gold”, also offers a full bar, which encourages patrons to take their time and relax!

“They come in groups; they come in packs,” COO MarcTorres said. “They come four people, six people, 10 people at a time because they want a cool place to hang out. It’s not your normal sub shop, by any means. The bar really kind of helps create that destination environment.”

This Colorado Springs Cheba Hut location is set to open in the beginning of June. This opening will mark the sub franchise’s 27th location across seven states.

“As soon as I saw that line at Dutch Bros. this past summer,” Torres said, “that was the light. I was like, ‘People in Colorado Springs are ready for Cheba Hut now.’”

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