What Makes Cheba Hut the Best Sub Franchise?

From the the start, Scott Jennings had an original concept and a strong following.
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The Counter-Culture Behind Cheba Hut

From the beginning, Cheba Hut always stood out from the crowd. While the $52 billion annual fast casual industry is booming, it is quickly becoming oversaturated with fast-food joints serving crappy food on dirty plastic tables. When Scott Jennings first opened Cheba Hut, his goal was to be as unique as possible. He accomplished this by opening the first ever cannabis themed, counter-culture embracing sub sandwich “joint.”

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A foodie at heart, Jennings made sure the menu was delicious with homemade breads and great flavor combinations. The fun theme paired with tasty toasted subs served in a unique, laid-back environment led to almost overnight success. So, while the fast casual industry grows at 6.3% annually, Cheba Hut is the best sub franchise in the industry with an annual growth rate of 14.92%! Jenning’s dream of a unique hangout that served great food proved to be a highly successful business model.

With counter-culture roots, Cheba Hut has embraced individuality as it has continued to expand across the nation. We are looking for new sub sandwich franchise owners to join our team – if you’re looking for a unique and successful career opportunity, we may be a good fit for you!

“Business is great. This first year in Arizona all of stores have passed 1 million, with one store surpassing the 2 million mark!”

– Josh Willet


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What Makes Us the Best Sub Franchise

While our counter-culture theme makes us stand out from the crowd right away, there are a few other things that make us the best sub franchise:

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Full Bar Service:

Cheba Hut is one of the only sub shops that offer a full bar. Customers can wash down their favorite toasted subs with craft beer on tap, wine, or one of our funky cocktails. We keep our cannabis theme prevalent in our bar menu with drinks like: “bongwater” shots and out “Hot Box” cocktail. Customers enjoy the fun theme as much as they enjoy the drinks! The addition of a bar makes our fast casual sub shop feel more like an authentic formal dining experience without the uptight environment or expense.

Community Involvement:

We encourage all of our owners to connect with their communities by hosting events with live music and art. Each location has its own unique feel with a local painted mural, embracing the artistic side of the community. We encourage all owners to develop a fun culture with their employees and find their own fun ways to give back to their customers.

Sub Shop Franchises
Sub Shop Franchises

Owner Freedom:

From the start, Cheba Hut sub sandwich franchisehas always been about the counterculture, and that means we stay true to the “anti-corporation” vibe as much as possible. While there are a few franchise-wide regulations, local owners determine much of their own day-to-day operations.

Watch our video and see what it’s like for our Toasted Sub Franchise Owners to be part of Cheba Hut.

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If you want to partner with Cheba Hut, the best sub franchise, then we want to hear from you! If a simple investment of $404,500 – $687,500 in exchange for average sales of $1,513,299 plus an exciting career sounds like a good deal to you, contact us today to learn more about the best sub franchise out there!

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