Career Growth with Sub Shop Franchises

Working for the man is an unfortunate reality that many of us face, but Cheba Hut offers a chance to escape the rat race.
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Benefits of Owning Sub Shop Franchises

Life can seem dull in the seemingly never ending schedule of 9 to 5, clocking in and clocking out. Working for the man is an unfortunate reality that many of us face, but Cheba Hut offers a chance to escape the rat race. Joining a franchise offers all of the benefits of owning a business – unlocked potential, flexibility, new experiences, and high earnings – without any of the risks. If you’re looking to break away from the system with a career that is exciting, fun, and challenging, consider partnering up with Cheba Hut, the “anti-corporation”, best sandwich franchise.

How Are We Different?

The answer is in every way!  Our unique sub franchises focus on serving the best damn sub you’ve ever had, employing the most genuine staff, and creating the most fun and relaxing atmosphere, we believe we are much different (and better!) than the average food joint. Here’s the specifics of what has made our sub sandwich franchise shine above the rest:

Sandwich Franchises


With all proprietary recipes, we take pride in skipping shortcuts. We offer toasted subs, homemade munchies and cotton mouth cures like Kool-Aid and local beer. Our proprietary Parisian bread is hand-rolled, hand-scored, and baked by a baker with over 50 years experience. Once all of our premium ingredients are assembled, we run each masterpiece through a toaster melting everything together to achieve the perfect toasted sub. We then “Load Up” each one with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, house dressing, parmesan and oregano.

Sandwich Shop Franchise


Cheba Hut is a fun and distinct cannabis-themed eatery. By using puns, innuendos, and eclectic decorations we have created a business that is truly unique within the fast-casual space. This theme has worked for the past 20 years, but with the legalization of cannabis sweeping the country, our sub sandwich franchise has become even more on-trend than we ever thought possible.

A New Kind of Career

Cheba Hut is leading all the sub shop franchises in style, taste, and profitability. Since 1998, we have been changing the game in the fast casual industry. Taking advantage of the fast growing counter-culture, Cheba Hut became the first cannabis themed “joint,” serving toasted subs to hungry (and maybe toasted) customers. While we have fun with our theme, our locations cater to everyone – counter culture folks, families, and hungry businessmen. We have managed to create a business model that is both fun and professional while remaining profitable. We are leading the sub shop franchises with excellent unit economics and a low investment while breaking away from the industry norm with additional support and location diversity.

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As the best sandwich franchise, Cheba Hut boasts 14.92% in year over year sales. Our locations average $1,513,299 in annual sales and our system-wide sales are up 27.47%. With such incredible numbers, it is easy to see how franchising with Cheba Hut can lead to a profitable career. With an industry low initial investment of $404,500 – $687,500, you can expect a fast ROI. These numbers are possible due to Cheba Hut’s success among the sub shop franchises. When you buy into Cheba Hut, you are investing in our already-successful business model. That’s guaranteed success with limited risk.

“Business is great. This first year in Arizona all of stores have passed 1 million, with one store surpassing the 2 million mark!”

– Josh Willet


Sub Franchises

Not All About The Money in Sub Shop Franchises

We all know that money is a major concern in considering any new career opportunity, but all the money in the world won’t make you a happy person. Franchising offers a schedule that is flexible, puts you in a leadership position, teaches you business knowledge, and opens you up to future possibilities. Whether it be opening more sub shop franchises, starting your own business venture, or retiring early, Cheba Hut gives you endless possibilities. No longer does preparing for the future mean slaving away for a miserable corporation. With Cheba Hut, you can get toasted, get paid, and enjoy some freedom.

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While corporate support is standard among sub shop franchises, Cheba Hut takes it to the next level. With supply chain, marketing, finance, operations, construction, and ongoing support, we will never leave you in the dark. You have the opportunity to open a unique location, reflective of the style of your community, while receiving franchise standard support. For more information about your future with Cheba Hut, call us today.

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