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Counter-Culture and Anti-Corporation

If you think “enjoy” and “career” used in the same sentence only happens in fairy tales, we’d like to introduce you to our reality-bending sub sandwich franchise. Cheba Hut is a sub shop that embraces the counter-culture, serves really good food, brings in high profits, and is really fun to own. Many franchises like to present their business model as flexible, yet their list of corporate rules and regulations are endless. Not at Cheba Hut!

Cheba Hut’s creator, Scott Jennings, noticed a big opportunity among the college students of his Arizona town that were looking for late-night “munchies.” He decided to embrace these kids and their pot-smoking counter-culture with a cannabis themed sub sandwich franchise that offered good food in a laid back atmosphere.

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What started as a fun play on a counter-culture theme quickly grew into a raving success. Customers from all walks of life were impressed with the delicious food and the laid back, welcoming atmosphere. As Cheba Hut continues to grow and expand across the state, we are looking for like-minded individuals to join our team. We stay true to our counter-culture roots and have embraced the “anti-corporation” vibe in our business model. As a Cheba Hut owner, you’ll get to enjoy all the corporate support typical of franchising, but you’ll set off on your own unique path and run your business in the way you see fit. With Cheba Hut, you really can enjoy your career with the best sub franchise!

“We are unlike any other franchise in existence. We take pride in treating our employees well. We take pride in the culture that we cultivate. And we take pride in how much fun we have doing it.”

– Dorian Lenz SR

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Cheba Hut – the Leading Sub Sandwich Franchise “Joint”

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The fast casual industry brings in $52 billion annually and is growing at a rate of 6.3%. Cheba Hut, on the other hand, is growing at a rate of 14.92% – talking about killing the game! How have we been able to lead the market with such great success? By sticking out from the crowd! Our fun theme attracts many customers for its novelty, but everyone stays for the good food. Our menu items are made from fresh ingredients out together on homemade bread! Toasty and tasty, our subs are served in a laid back environment that has its own bar – no other sub sandwich franchise has an on-site bar!

Our average sub sandwich franchise owners bring in $1,513,299 annually and sales continue to grow steadily. You can join our team for a simple investment of $404,500 – $687,500 – talk about a quick ROI!

Street Cred

If you’re considering our sandwich franchise opportunities, you should know that over the last 20 years, we have learned how to not only build a large following of customers, but we have also learned how to turn them into brand loyalists.

We believe a reputation is earned by street level cred and word of mouth (neither of these can be faked). This probably just sounds like marketing bullshit to you guys, but we think that there are two things that prove that Cheba is the real-deal: First, our unit economics are truly incredible (click on the NUMBERS page to learn more about this). Second, our online reviews and reputation can’t be manufactured. Check us out on social media or anywhere online and you’ll start to get a feel for the Cheba movement:

“If you drove past a field of a thousand cows and saw one purple cow, you’d never forget that. Cheba Hut is a purple cow.”

– Ryan Snyder

Set Up for Success With The Best Sub Franchise

Not only does our industry-low investment bring you the rights to our business secrets and our delicious menu, you also get the full backing of our corporate team: training, marketing, and ongoing support for the entire time you’re in business! At Cheba Hut, we’ve got a great business model and are passionate about our success – we do everything we can to support our individual locations. Contact us today to learn more about the best sub franchise “joint”!

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