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From the the start, Scott Jennings had an original concept and a strong following.
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Not Alone

Owning your own business can be a scary, difficult thing, but with Cheba Hut to support you there is no need to fear. Owning one of the best sub sandwich franchises means that you’ll never be left alone trying to figure things out on your own. Our team will be by your side every step of the way to support you and give you every chance to succeed. If you are someone who is hyper-focused on providing high quality products and a great customer experience, then you will be successful.

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After years of hard work and experience we have carefully cultivated a unique business model that sets us apart from other sub sandwich franchises. From the moment you are awarded your own franchise our top notch corporate staff will help guide you through the many steps included in getting your new franchise off the ground and running. While you’ll still be in charge of your own business, we’ll be there to help and make suggestions of things we’ve learned and mistakes we’ve made.

Watch our video and see what it’s like for our Toasted Sub Franchise Owners to be part of Cheba Hut.

Invest in Your Future

Entrepreneurship with the best sub sandwich franchise can provide many benefits that can’t be found in Corporate America. Not only will you be the owner of your own business and investing in your own future, but you’ll also experience other benefits such as financial success while you fulfill your own passions. If you’re tired of not hitting financial goals or of the corporate grind, owning your own sub sandwich franchise can give you the flexibility and the freedom you’ve been searching for. If you’re ready to try something new and truly unique, we want to talk with you.

Cheba Hut
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“Business is great. This first year in Arizona all of stores have passed 1 million, with one store surpassing the 2 million mark!”

– Josh Willet


Proven Model

At Cheba Hut we believe that in order to replicate the success we’ve seen across the country in our current markets, we need to partner ourselves with individuals who deeply care about their business and are passionate about providing a high quality product. We have proven our business model now over many years, and if you are able to execute our model flawlessly you too will see success. If you’re ready to make a change and take control of your future then we hope you’ll take the first step towards becoming an owner of a Cheba Hut.

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